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MSI releases Sandy Bridge gaming laptop for sale…in the US

Why settle for a simple, average-performance notebook when there is so much more power to be had by investing a little more? MSI has just released a new notebook based of Intel's Sandy Bridge platform which promises to deliver "world glass performance and sound" in a mobile package designed for gamers.

Gaming notebooks usually sell on the premise of raw power, but it would seem that even having a notebook that packs all the performance of a supercomputer in it is no longer enough for the design-conscious consumer. Indeed, today's consumers are starting to prioritize visual appeal over performance, and it goes without saying that OEMs need to adapt to such patterns in order to ensure that sales keep coming in.

And if it is a gaming laptop with all kinds of bells and whistles that you are hoping for, you are in luck. According to Electronista, MSI has just released its new Sandy Bridge based gaming notebook, the GT680R, that claims to come with as much bling as it is powerful.

Needless to say, the MSI GT680R comes with the kind of hardware one would expect from a Sandy Bridge-based performance machine. According to MSI's official product page, the GT680R sports a second generation Core i7 processor (i7-2630QM), a 15.6-inch screen with full HD resolutions, a 1TB hard disk and an NVIDIA GTX460M graphics card with up to 1GB of VRAM. On top of that, MSI also claims that the GT680R is designed to accept four (!) SODIMM slots intead of the usual two; this allows users to upgrade the notebooks ram from the stock 8GB configuration ( 4 x 2GB) to a hulking 16GB of memory in the form of four 4GB SODIMM sticks.

That being said, it is clear that MSI is not intending to use the GT680R's specifications as the notebook's sole selling point. The OEM also claims that the GT680R has been fitted with LED arrays that can be customized to "increase the sensation of instant immersion when listening to music, watching video, or while in the gaming world" by reacting to audio content and various system states, as shown in the images below:

And for once, it seems that MSI has decided to put a proper price tag on its product instead of leaving it up for consumers to speculate. According to the product page, the GT680R will be available for sale at the price of US$1649.99.

Source: MSI via Electronista

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