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MSI Mega Stick 256 Review

The bundled driver CD includes MSI’s MP3 Studio, the Mega Stick 256 Driver, and the Mega Stick’s PDF manual.

When installing the Mega Stick 256 through the driver CD, the MS-551X Update software updates your firmware to the latest version. Through my extended use of the Mega Stick 256, I came to a point where I


formatted the device in Windows and needed to re-install it’s firmware so that the device could be used again. However, a problem I ran into was that MSI’s website only had the MSI MS-5112 Update, which was not compatible with my version of the Mega Stick 256, and would not recognize it or re-install the needed firmware.

Notice the picture above is the MSI MS-551X Update, which I eventually found on MSI’s Japanese website. The bottom line was that MSI did not have the right driver up on their site, which meant that if you lost your CD and


formatted your Mega Stick, you were pretty much out of luck.

And now we move onto MSI’s MP3 Studio software suite, which allows you to transfer songs to your Mega Stick. I found it easier to create a "MP3" directory on the Mega Stick through Windows Explorer, and just transfer the files straight to it. But the MP3 Studio is a nice addition to those that are less tech-experienced.

A cool feature of the MP3 Studio suite is the Screen Editor section, which allows you to change what the Mega Stick 256 outputs when it loads up.

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