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MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2011 Asia Pacific Final – The Warm Up

VR-Zone.com finds itself in Jakarta, Indonesia, with overclockers from a dozen different nations for company. See what kind of minefield MSI has laid out for them, even before the battle begins!

Don't you like the way MSI uses the word "Arena" in naming its annual overclocking event? Just saying it out loud makes one feel all warm and fuzzy inside – the same way one does upon acquiring "Quad Damage" in Quake III Arena.

VR-Zone.com is once again 500-odd miles away from home, on a "campaign for domination" with two wild overclockers. If you have been following the qualifying round in our forums, you would know that they are none other than the stellar duo consisting "Shrek" and "Louislkw."

Poles in the right hand plane: Not stable! 

You might have heard the rumours: MOA 2011 APAC Final is indeed held at the very same hotel that hosted the GIGABYTE Open Overclocking Championship 2010: Asia & Africa Regional Finals. Wise, safe choice!

Let's take a look at what's lined up for the twenty-odd overclockers representing 12 different countries; in a little under ten-hours:

It's hard to guess what kind of action is going on behind the closed doors of hotel rooms right now, as overclockers spend the final hours leading up to the competition burning their hot glue guns and soldering irons hot and hotter. In the meantime, here is a shot of the "domination" minibus used to whisk overclockers from Soekarno–Hatta International Airport to the hotel venue:

Stay tuned on VR-Zone.com, if you're looking for more MSI MOA action coming up!

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