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MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2011 Asia Pacific Final – Results, Winners, & The Road To Both

We take a look at the MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2011 Asia Pacific Final results and whatever else which led to that.

By 6.00 pm, one hour away from the end of the competition, two of the empty 100-odd litre tanks have already been cleared out of the battle grounds. Relative to the Super PI round, the second leg of the competition – 3DMark 11 – is heavy thermal load indeed. More tanks were carted away as organisers laid out the prizes at the front:

Stress takes on a physical form.

The two components of the contestants' score are split 60/40: Like leaded non-eutectic solder. The first component – Super PI 32M – requires contestants to fix their processor core speed multiplier at 50 or less so as to account for the large variability seen in the average spread of Sandy Bridge-type desktop processors. The second component, which weighs more on the score is none other than Futuremark 3DMark 11. MSI submarines anyone?

Compiled results brought to you by OVERCLOCKING-TV.

Many teams that were leading during the Super PI round were found to be slipping down the slippery rungs of the results ladder as issues piled up under the frost. Taiwan and Malaysia, both of which took the lead for Super PI 32M were found in the middle of the scoreboard as contestants launched into 3D. Australia climbed quickly with their strong 3DMark 11 results to join others at the top.

The highest 3DMark 11 scores were generated by China. However, due to wallpaper non-compliance, the results were eventually voided. Team Katana simply spent the last minutes defeating themselves – a great way to redeem the Super PI mishap they incurred earlier on.

Then it was time for more dancing:

Guess the number of FFB-type blowers required to achieve such floppy hairstyles.

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