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MSI launches nine new high-performance notebooks

MSI CX/CR640 notebooks

Unlike the other notebooks mentioned previously which focuses on either style or raw power, the new MSI CX640 (shown above) and CR640 notebooks differ in the sense that they are designed to offer data security to users who work with sensitive data. MSI claims that both the CX640 and CR640 comes bundled with "software and hardware technologies" to safeguard the internal hard disk from shock, while Time Stamp works in a manner similar to Apple's Time Machine to ensure that users can easily retrieve data from their hard disks in the event of an accidental file deletion.

No mention of the hardware specifications for both the CX640 and CR640 notebooks were made in the official press release, although the CX640's product page claims that the notebook will be offered with either an Intel Core i5-2410M processor or Core i3-2310M processor, and will come bundled with an NVIDIA GeForce GT520M graphics card, 1GB of memory and a hard disk with capacities ranging from 320GB to 640GB. The CR640 notebook is still not listed in MSI's product pages yet, although we gather than its specifications are not likely to differ too greatly from the CX640's.

MSI GT/GX680 notebooks

Also featured in MSI's new notebook launch are two gaming-grade notebooks for its G-series product line, and they come in the form of the MSI GT680 and GX680 notebook PCs.

According to MSI, both the new GT680 and GX680 notebooks will come bundled with a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor based off the Sandy Bridge microarchitecture, along with an NVIDIA graphics card which is capable of supporting DirectX11. Also included is MSI's own TDE or Turbo Drive Engine, an overclocking tool to help gamers get the most out of their hardware. The notebooks will also feature MSI's proprietary Dynaudio technology, which is supposedly capable of delivering realistic sound through the notebook's built-in speakers.

No specifications for the GT680 and GX680 notebooks have been announced.

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