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MSI launches new TORX 120mm case fan

MSI has launched its TORX fans for PC cases, using the same design as the fans used in the company’s TwinFrozr VGA coolers.

The TORX fans features a unique combination of two fan blades: traditional fan blade and dispersion fan blade, which helps increase cooling effectiveness. The unique combo also helps the fans stay relatively silent even under extreme load situations. To further help reduce noise, the fans feature integrates anti-vibration pad made from soft silicone rubber between the fan and chassis. Dispersion fan blade has a steeper curved blade, which accelerates the airflow. Traditional fan blade on the other hand pushes down a steady airflow to the heatsink below. For high longevity, MSI TORX fans come with a hydro dynamic bearing.

Available in the standard 120mm size, the MSI TORX fan is supported by all major case brands. MSI also gives you the option of using dual fans in a push-pull configuration thanks to an additional set of 120mm fan brackets. The fan spins between 500 to 1800 RPM, pushing out 19.79 to 71.27 CFM of air. Noise level is rated at 17.2 to 33.6 dBA. The fan uses a 4-pin PWM/DC connector for power, and has a life expectancy of 150,000 hours.

In terms of dimensions, the MSI TORX measures 120 x 120 x 25.6mm and weighs in at 169 grams.

Via: TechPowerUp

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