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MSI launches GX660 and GX660R gaming notebooks, raises the bar for portable multimedia experience

Gaming notebook are fast gaining acceptance in the market as portable powerhouses , and manufacturers of such notebooks are undoubtedly keen to maintain their presence in such a segment. Needless to say, MSI is no exception to the rule, and their new GX660/GX660R gaming notebooks come with massive amounts of raw power, as well as a little something extra. 

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The G laptop series strikes back this time with two new additions to the familty: the GX660 and GX660R. MSI seems to overpass the limitation of portable technology and raises the bar for multimedia performance. In addition, MSI Marketing Director San Chern said “MSI’s GX660 not only comes with an advanced discrete graphics card (ATI Mobility Radeon 5870HD) and Dynaudio sound, it also boasts Intel’s most powerful Core i7 processor and MSI’s own TDE technology to throttle up system performance with just one touch”.

Both notebooks also feature a couple of unique technologies which MSI dubs as TDE and CBTTDE – Turbo Drive Engine revs up processor performance with just one touch of the luminescent Turbo hotkey located above the keyboard, increasing system speed by 83%, while keeping your system from bogging down when you’re using load-intensive applications. This ensures that your system will continue to chug away at top speed while dealing with angry hordes of orcs eager for some of your hero’s blood without falling prey to the dreaded ‘death lag’.  CBT – Cooler Boost Technology, on the other hand, works by ramping up the notebook’s cooling system so that your hardware remains cool even in the middle of a mass-murdering mission. Cool features, indeed (pun not intended).

Of course, when you are in the midst of a game, chances are you would want to have a decent audio experience to go along with the virtual carnage. And this is where the GX660/GX660R distinguishes itself. By working in conjunction with Dynaudio (and spending more than 1200 hours in tests), the GX660/GX660R offers great audio quality usually not found in the competition. 

However, great audio means nothing if your machine is only capable of subpar graphics. But that would not be a problem on the GX660/GX660R either, thanks to the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 GPU found in the machine.  With 1GB of GDDR5 VRAM and support for DirectX11

Last but not least, if you are wondering about the difference between the GX660 and the GX660R, the GX660R comes with added support for RAID (Raid 0) for increased storage reliability. That being said, we are quite certain that the ‘R’ in the GX660R is meant to denote this fact.

Awesome presence – cooling performance and cool design

Cool exterior: The blazing white MSI logo on the cover is set in the middle of a raised black diamond trident below a smoldering red slash. The body is sheathed in MSI’s exclusive glossy color film print to protect the GX660 from scratching and wear, while further enhancing its awesome presence.

Light and sound show technology: Not sharp the edges but LED the edges. That is the latest new filter MSI has applied on these notebooks. Definitely an Eye-catching feature.

More information from the full MSI Press Release.

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