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MSI GTX 680 Lightning Review

A Closer Look at the MSI GTX 680 Lightning

As we can see from the box shot, unlocked digital voltage (software) control is the primary differentiating feature of the GTX 680 Lightning that sets it apart from other GTX 680 designs.

The box interior is loaded with marketing information that tells you everything you need to know about the card, and then says some more.

The bundle MSI ship with the GTX 680 Lightning is very basic. You won't find expensive.. err 'free' games or a heap of accessories you are unlikely to use. The card itself is what matters. In addition from what you see in the pic below, you'll also receive three pairs of voltage monitoring cables, software CD, user manuals and a flashy certificate that proudly details the various testing methodologies the cards components have passed to qualify for the Military Class III rating.

Now for the card itself. MSI have introduced the forth iteration of their highly regarded Twin Frozr cooler series and have added a splash of yellow. The card will be well suited looks wise to the company's upcoming MPower range of motherboards.

The MSI GTX 680 Lightning comes with four display outputs. We have Display Port and HDMI 1.4a connectors as well as a pair of DVI connectors. One is capable of working with a DVI-VGA adapter whilst the other is digital only. Any combination of the three can be used to drive a Nvidia surround triple monitor setup.


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