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MSI GeForce FX5600-VTDR128 Review

Hardware Test Setup

  • Pentium 4 2.66Ghz
  • OCZ PC3200 512MB DDR SDRAM
  • FIC VC19E (Intel 845PE)
  • Gainward GeForce
    4 Ti 4200 8X AGP
  • MSI FX5600 TDR128
  • MSI FX5200 TDR128
  • Seagate
    Barracuda V 120GB SATA Hard Drive

Drivers, BIOS, OS Test Setup

  • Windows XP Professional SP1
  • Intel Chipset Software 4.30.1006
  • Intel Application Accelerator 2.3 Beta
  • Detonator 43.45
  • Desktop resolution 1024x768x32, 75Hz
  • DirectX 8.1a

Benchmarks Settings

  • Comanche 4 Demo – Default Settings High Quality
  • Unreal Tournament 2003 – Botmatch Antalus
    High Quality
  • 3D Mark 2001 SE
    – Default Settings

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