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MSI GeForce FX5200-TDR128 Review

Card Features

The MSI FX5200 TDR128 uses the traditional
red colored PCB used by MSI and has a similar form
factor to that of the GeForce 4 MX product line.

When flipping the card showing its
backside we can see that the card does not use ramsinks
or heat spreaders on the memory as the MSI FX5200
TDR128 is a card oriented toward the mid and value
oriented markets, ones that are not as inclined
to overclock as the enthusiasts.


Additionally, the MSI FX5200 TDR128
uses the T.O.P Tech II (Thermal Obviation Protection
Cooling) solution we first saw with MSI’s NV28 product
line, which operates very quietly while cooling
much more effectively than reference design.


The MSI FX5200 TDR128 Samsung 4ns


One more interesting thing about the
MSI FX5200 TDR128 is that even though the card is
a mainstream / value card, it still incorporates
the DVI, S-Video, and VGA connections. This is interesting
because with the GeForce 4 MX product line, we rarely
saw a DVI connection as it is more commonly associated
with high end systems.


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