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MSI 990FX motherboard spotted at this year’s Consumer Electrionics Show

At this year’s CES, an MSI board carrying the unreleased AMD 990FX chipset was spotted. This chipset will be based on the new AM3+ platform, and will be the most high end chipset AMD has to offer to overclocking enthusiasts.

An MSI motherboard (codenamed Big Bang Conqueror) carrying the future AMD 990FX chipset was spotted in the MSI Suite at the CES.

Here, we can see the Military Class II logo which refers to the use of high quality components to manufacture the chip, such as the use of Super Ferrite Chokes to provide higher power efficiency and capacity than normal ones, and solid capacitors for higher levels of stability etc.

From here, we can deduce that the company is going with an 8+2 Power Phase design.

The PCI-E slot layout on this board looks very good, as it allows the user to run Crossfire on two cards, whilst still being able to add in a PCI card right in between. By looking at the board, we can safely assume that the first and third PCI-E lanes will run at x16.

Here, we can see the MSI OC Genie, which allows for automated overclocking at the press of a button. There is also a power and reset button on the bottom of the motherboard as well.

SOURCE: TweakTown

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