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Mozilla’s Boot 2 Gecko prototype in pipelines


Mozilla has developed the open web experience with much success, and is bringing community contributions to the mobile platform. Developement road map has hit a new milestone with a working prototype round the corner, but will they strike a chord with it?

Just a few months ago, Mozilla announced the intention to create their own operating system with some help from Android’s low level coding as well as Linux, dubbing it Boot 2 Gecko or B2G in short.

A recent update revealed that the OS is currently in the testing phase and refining fundamental elements such as text, phone and camera functions. While these elements are derived from Android and Linux, Mozilla has expressed that B2G should depend as little as possible on the above mentioned platforms.

What’s exciting is the prospect of a working prototype to be completed for demonstration of the abilities of the mobile OS at the end of the year or first quarter of 2012, while a retail version may appear as soon as second quarter of next year.

The HTML5-powered OS certainly shows great potential with some interesting combination of ideas, such as holding and swiping icons to summon the associated applications, and the options for either hardware or virtual buttons to support the back and menu function.

With the aggressive and unforgiving climate in the mobile industry today, it may be seen either as bravery or craziness to step into the fray now. However, consumers stand to gain if Mozilla can create a viable platform which can stand up against the competition. As a community oriented brand name which champions the open web approach, a mobile platform developed with this in mind will certainly has its own niche.

For now, however, with a looming deadline now made public, Mozilla has a lot to prove against established mobile platform giants such as Google's Android and Apple's iOS.


Source: Pocket Lint

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