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Mounting hole Dimension Database

Want to make an adapter to fit the Vapochill onto that mean LGA Prescott? Trying to fit that old waterblock onto the 6800 Ultra? Here’s a collection of the mounting hole dimensions of the sockets out there…

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For those of us who DIY coolers out there, the mounting method
is of utmost importance and as it happens, 99% of us mount our coolers through
the motherboard or graphics cards holes. With so many sockets and cards out
there, it is rather confusing to keep trqack of their dimensions. Therefore,
this is a collection of all the major mounting dimensions out there, and the
bolt size advised.

First, let us start with the CPU mounting holes. Although some
of the motherboard makers make boards with holes a little bigger or a little
smaller than the others, using a 3.5mm to 4mm
thick bolt is quite safe as these bolts passes through the smallest holes I’ve
encountered. All hole dimensions are measured from center of hole to
center of hole.

First the good old Socket A dimensions for your AMD Athlon processors.


Here’s the Socket 478 dimensions for your Pentium 4s:


Here’s the Socket for your Athlon 64s, be it S754 or S939:


And here’s the socket T, or Socket LGA:


Now, we move onto the graphics card mount holes. All hole
dimensions are measured from center of hole to center of hole.


Here’s the ATI mounting holes that had stayed since the Radeon
8500 era. Love the consistency from ATI. You can fit 2.5mm
bolts through these holes.



Next we go on to the nvidia video card mounting holes that apply
to Geforce 4s and FX series but not the new 6800/6600s.

As seen in the picture above, there is a total of 6 holes on
the cards, 4 closer packed together and 2 further apart. The 4 closer packed
together holes are very small and you will need 2mm bolts to
fit through these. The 2 further apart holes are bigger and you need 2.5mm
bolts to fit through these. You can just choose to go with either the
4 holes or the 2 holes to mount.


And then there is the 6800/6600 mounting holes. These 4 holes
are very small and require 2mm bolts to fit through:


This page will be updated with newer data when newer sockets debut.
Hope this will come in useful for the cooler DIYers out there! May also come
in useful for those adapting waterblocks or Vapochills 😉



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