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Motorola Droid Ultra listed on Motorola’s website, comes with Kevlar body

Motorola Droid Ultra gets listed on the official Motorola web page, pretty much confirms the Kevlar body.

Motorola Droid Ultra Smartphone

It looks like a new Droid Smartphone by Motorola is indeed headed our way. That this phone is the same as the leaked Motorola Moto X phone, or the child of Google’s Motorola X phone project is unknown at the moment.

As of now, we have no further information regarding this phone other than the image posted below. The Droid Ultra may be a part of the Motorola X phones lineup, it may be a separate phone, who knows? What we are really hoping for is a new design and UI (we’re tired of all Motorola high-end phones looking the same) with the launch of the new X phones, or the Droid Ultra.

Motorola Droid Ultra thin

The site lists some other features of the phone that point to it being a mid-range Smartphone at best. A 4.3-inch qHD display, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, dual-core processor and 1080p video capture are no longer going to impress anybody. Here’s hoping that the specifications aren’t final and that the web page gets updated soon (or at a later date).

C’mon Moto, don’t be a Samsung, show us something new.

Source: Motorola | via Droid Life

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