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Motorola Accompli 388C / A388C Review

The A388C came in a shiny red box with chinese wordings on it. Openning the box revealed the A388C and the stylus.

The A388C on the nice red box

The A388C comes with the following

  • The A388C Mobile Phone
  • 2 Lithium Ion Batteries
  • 2 Telescopic Stylus
  • Leather Case
  • Handsfree Earpiece
  • AC Adapter
  • Serial Cable
  • 1 CDROM
  • Manuals and Quickstart Guides
  • Pretty red box

  • Package Contents

    Everything was packed neatly and securely in the box, wrapped up individually. The extra stylus and battery came as a surprise. Seeing how other companies actually will just try to sell you these extra accessories.

    The A388C on top of the manuals

    The product manual was thick, and I was thankful for the quick start guide.

    The A388C AC Adapter

    The provided AC-Adapter is the common Motorola 100-240V adapter. Depending on country localisation, an adapter can be used to convert the 2 pin adapter into 3pin adapters to be used while travelling. (You can actually purchases these from motorola or OEM manufacturers)

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