U.S. carrier AT&T has announced this morning that the Moto X will be available from August 23rd onward. The 16GB model will cost $199 on contract, with the 32 GB model costing $249.

Moto x

One of the main selling points about the Moto X is the fact that it is highly customizable. Users buying the Moto X will have a choice of 18 back colours, 2 front colours and 7 accent colours for the device.  Additional features include the ability of adding custom text at the back of the device, along with choosing the internal memory (currently available in 16GB and 32GB variations). Users can also customize the colour the charger comes in, along with the colour of the case and the bundled headset. Users can customize their device by using the Moto Maker service, which is an AT&T exclusive for now.

AT&T will also choose a few customers who have registered their interest in the Moto X, and these customers will be able to order the Moto X beginning August 19th, four days before everyone else. AT&T is also bundling the Motorola Skip, an NFC wearable device that lets users bypass the lock screen, free with all Moto X orders for a limited time.

Source: AT&T