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Moto X off-contract prices: $299 for 16GB and $350 for 32GB [Rumor]

Google and Motorola’s Moto X pups are set to enter this world soon, and the bill for adopting one of these handsets won’t burn a hole through anyone’s pocket.


Prior to its official announcement, we have some words coming in that an off-contract 16GB Moto X will go for just $299, while the 32GB model will is just $50 more.  Many were expecting the Moto X to be priced competitively, considering its mid-range specs.

The subsidized Moto X may by an intriguing offer, as it is expected that carriers will offer the handset for $99 and $150 for the 16GB and 32GB models, respectively.  If we look at other powerhouse Android handsets (ex. HTC One from AT&T), we can see that even with the subsidized price put in place, it’s probably not worth it to pick up a 32GB Moto X over the much more powerful 32GB HTC One ($199 with a 2-year contract).

The Moto X’s focal point at this moment, though, isn’t the raw power, but rather it’s the customizability.  It is believed that Google and Motorola will offer a variety of customization options (i.e. phone colors, back plate engravings, etc.) that will cater to the ‘individuality’ crowd.  We do not currently know, at the moment, about whether or not the customization options will incur extra fees on top of the already mentioned prices of the phone.

Should carriers be willing to offer the Moto X for a lot less than the rumored subsidized prices, the phone may be worth picking up as it does come with a 4.5-inch display and a good amount RAM (2GB).

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