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Moto X gets $100 price cut, signaling weak demand?

When a flagship smartphone gets a price cut, it’s usually because there’s a new handset just over the horizon or that demand for the phone is mediocre. In the case of the Motorola Moto X, the latter is probably the case since the relatively accurate leaker @evleak has tweeted that the price will drop by a cool $100 from its current prices of $199 for 16GB and $249 for 32GB.

User and critic reviews of the Moto X have been on par in terms of overall satisfaction and functionalities.  As far as press hype go, however, the phone has been lacking a lot of attention.  Motorola says that it’s willing to spend to promote the Moto X, but just not as much as Apple and Samsung.

While Samsung has a big “launch event” for just about every handset, Apple is a bit more reserved when it comes to unveiling a new iPhone.  Regardless, the two companies have spent billions within the last two to three years promoting their handsets, which then correlate to their high market share.

One could also speculate that the price drop has something to do with the rumor that Apple will unveil its latest iPhone 5S refresh soon.  Toss in the Samsung Galaxy Note III into the mix, and we can see that Motorola will have to deal with some goliaths later this year and on.

A $100 smartphone with a two year contract isn’t at all a pocket burner, and considering the Moto X has some decent specs and dedicated hardware to drive its speech interface, maybe the move (if the rumor proves to be true) to lower the price of the handset in Q4 will help Motorola in some much needed brand-building.

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