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“Moto X” aka X Phone is definitely real, out this Summer

The X Phone by Motorola has been rumored for what feels like forever, and finally we have some solid and reliable news on the upcoming device. Motorola head Dennis Woodside spoke at D11 today, and not only did he mention that Motorola will launch a handful of new phones by October, he also mentioned that “Moto X” will be one of them.


Woodside also said that 70% of the manufacturing for the device will take place in Texas, at a facility that used to produce Nokia phones, which Woodside claims would make it the first smartphone built within the United States. The other 30% would be the processor and the screen which will be made in Korea.

Woodside didn’t stop teasing there. “It’s in my pocket, but I can’t show it to you,” he said. So close yet so far! As for possible features, the phone will have many sensors that help detect things such as when the phone is in your pocket, in your hand, or when you want to take a picture, or when you’re in the car, and so on and so forth.

Woodside also reiterated the words of Larry Page and mentioned the importance of breakability and battery life, which is something that should make any modern smartphone user excited. Finally he pointed out that they are still treating Motorola like any company, and anyone they hired from Google to work on the device is a fully fledged Motorola employee rather than a Google employee.

That’s all that was said for now, but it looks like legend of the X Phone will continue to live on for a few more months at least.

UPDATE: Motorola has put out a press release that confirms that the release date will actually be this Summer for the Moto X phone. So…that’s interesting.

Source: AllThingsD Via: The Verge

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