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Motion Tennis offers Nintendo Wii like gaming for iOS devices connected to an Apple TV

There’s nothing like gaming on a big screen, and the Motion Tennis game lets you enjoy that feeling by bringing Nintendo Wii like motion gaming to iOS devices that are connected to an Apple TV.


Motion Tennis comes from Rolocule Games, a studio that’s based in India. They already have several touch based games available on the App Store, this is their first offering that transforms an iOS device in to a Nintendo Wii like controller for motion gaming on the big screen, hooked to to an Apple TV. Basically the game is beamed up on the TV via AirPlay, and users can play with their iOS devices that act as motion controllers.

Motion Tennis is optimized for iPhone 5, and will also work with iPhone 4, 4S, iPod touch 4G, 5G, third or fourth generation iPad as well as the iPad mini. Obviously one might find it a bit hard to use a full-fledged iPad as a motion controller, the best experience will either be provided by an iPhone or an iPod touch. Both second and third generation Apple TVs are compatible with the game.

Game Center integration is present in Motion Tennis, allowing players to keep track of their top scores and achievements. You can play with your friends as well in multiplayer mode, Motion Tennis will also keep track of how many calories you burn during every match.

Source: [9to5Mac]

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