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579,001 apps in Apple App Store go unnoticed, hardly any downloads

Data collected by the tracking service Adeven has confirmed many people’s belief that the majority of the apps in Apple’s App Store aren’t being downloaded.

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Apple recently touted that its App Store reached the 50 billion app downloads milestone, but negated to mention that many of these apps were left out of the festivities. There are 900k+ apps in the Apple App Store, but according to download stats from Adeven 579,001 of these apps—dubbed zombie apps—don’t ever get the exposure needed to achieve sufficient downloads. Adeven deems apps as zombies if they don’t ever appear on Apple’s master-list of most downloaded apps, which is a chart that is on display in over 300,000 locations.

“We can’t say exactly how many downloads they have—Apple doesn’t reveal this—but it is very small,” stated Adeven.

Although Apple reported that it has paid out over $10 billion (USD) to developers thus far, it’s important to note that many app developers seeking to take a bite out of the lucrative app market will probably never see any return for their work. Currently, some of the top paid apps for the iPhone in the App Store include mostly casual games like Angry Birds (#1) and Cut the Rope (#4). Top free apps, some of which include in-app purchases, are reserved mainly for social media, communication and entertainment, and include things like Facebook (#1) and YouTube (#4).

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