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More unconfirmed specs surface for the Xbox 720

Another unnamed "source" in the video games industry has revealed more unconfirmed specs for Microsoft's next Xbox, with specific GPU/CPU specs as well as HDD capacities and more.

More details on Microsoft's next-gen Xbox 720 console have surfaced, again from another unnamed source that's supposedly an expert in the video games industry. The information revealed by the source focuses on the system's technical specs as well as other features including the utilization of Smartglass, Blu-Ray movie playback, and the console having three times the power of the current Xbox 360.

A full list of the details provided by the source can be found below.


  • The new ’720′ will have 3x the processing speed of the current 360
  • No hard release date but it looks like Holiday 2013
  • 2 launch versions. 320 GB Arcade / 500 GB Pro. Exact pricing is unknown
  • 1 TB HDD available as a separate purchase
  • It will not include Blu-Ray (movie playback)
  • No picture was available as prototype consoles are packaged in a 360 slim case to “avoid complications” about the design until announcement
  • Smartglass still utilized


  • AMD eight-core x64 1.6GHz CPU
  • Direct 3D 11.x 800MHz GPU
  • 8GB DDR3 RAM

These supposed specs do somewhat fit into our recent coverage of the specs revealed by an ex-Ubisoft employee, however we must always treat this information as rumor and not accept it at face value. Rumors of the Xbox 720's specs and integrated features have been running full blast in the last few months, many of them making similar claims to the console's technical performance and raw power.

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft competes with the PlayStation 4's impressive specs, and what new additions they will make to the console to counter the opposition from Sony. Many times the decision to buy a certain console can be made by the smallest of features, such as Blu-Ray movie playback (which the 720 is rumored not to have) and may sway the decision for many casual gamers who don't care so much about technical specifications.

In any case, we'll most likely see what Microsoft has in store for the gaming world with Durango (the codename for the new Xbox) during this year's E3 event in June–or perhaps the rumored April Xbox event–but until then speculation will run rampant. As always, be sure not to take these specs as absolute truth, as they haven't been officially confirmed and must remain rumor.

We'll have more detailed coverage on Microsoft's next-gen console when more information comes to light, so stay tuned.

Via Gaming Capacity

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