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More possible Windows 8.1 features detailed

Nokia employee Justin Angel has uncovered a few features that could potentially be in Microsoft's Windows 8.1 update, which is scheduled to be revealed near the end of June.

Microsoft has a lot going on lately between their new Xbox and the release of the first big update for Windows 8. This news is about the latter, as a Nokia employee by the name of Justin Angel has recently discovered possible features that will be included in the upcoming Windows 8.1 update.

He discovered the information by analyzing images of the operating system that have leaked onto the internet in recent months. As Neowin notes, after looking at the WinMD files from the aforementioned leaks and comparing them to current files in Windows 8 RT, he came across some differences which could offer a hint of what we can expect for some of the additions the update promises to bring.

Justin Angel says that apps in the Modern UI in Windows 8.1 will have text-to-speech support that will operate on Microsoft’s own Speech platform. Another one of the features is called GeoFenced Activation. What this essentially means is that apps will be able to launch if the user comes into, or exits, a specific geolocation area. Angel offers a few examples, including entering a restaurant and having a relevant application open up and be ready for you to use.

Another notable addition that he mentions is support for Smart Cards and pin challenges. Smart cards being those with circuits on them such as credit cards or debit cards. This could obviously be used to make payments of some kind, request pins from users, reset pins, destroy cards, and so on.

He goes on to mention a few other features such as the ability for all apps to show PDFs, changing the lock screen image, and more. As with all speculation of this nature, none of this is 100% confirmed, and Microsoft can change their minds on any or all of these, but Angel has done some solid research, and a lot of these sound quite reasonable.

Source: Justin Angel's Blog Via: Neowin


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