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Mophie juice pack increases iPhone 5 battery life “by 120%”

Mophie outs a battery pack for the iPhone 5 that promises to boost power by 120%.

As they have done for a few generations now, Mophie has outed a new accessory for the iPhone 5. The Mophie Juice Pack adds to your 2012 iPhone's battery life, boosting it by as much as 120%. While the iPhone 5 packs a 1440 mAh Li-Po rated unit, Mophie's Juice pack adds as much as 2100 mAh on top of it. 

Adding to battery life isn't the only function of this Juice Pack as it doubles to give extra protection to your iPhone. The casing features a dual-injected sleeve with shockproof band and anti-scratch guides that buffer the impact of unprecedented falls.

Mophie iPhone 5 Juice Pack

  • 10 Hours Additional Talk Time & 3G Internet
  • Up to 12 Hours of Wi-Fi Usage
  • Extended Video Playback life by 12 hours
  • 50 Hours of Additional Audio Playback

We have to add that the battery on smartphones (and other devices for that matter) degrades over time (number of charging cycles); couple that with the non-removable unit on the iPhone 5 and your phone might just not have the same endurance as when you originally bought. Mophie's Juice Pack suffers from the same problem as well. But worry not, degradation usually occurs over a year or two and not in the blink of an eye.

Mophie Juice Pack is available for $120 and does well by serving a dual role, adding to the sturdiness of your phone as well as enhancing its battery life.

Source: Apple Insider

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