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Mojang releases launch trailer for ‘Scrolls’, new digital trading card game

Mojang is showing off their next title, which will follow up Minecraft in a new trailer.  The game, Scrolls, will be available in beta form next week.

Mojang has just released a launch trailer for their upcoming digital trading card game Scrolls. For those who are unfamiliar with Mojang, they’re the creators of Minecraft, the game that took everyone by surprise, and then took the world by storm.

It’s a tall task following up a success story like Minecraft, so they certainly have their work cut out for them with their next title. The way they’re launching the game is similar to the way they launched Minecraft in that they are releasing it to the public in an earlier stage of development, and then plan to iterate often as they move toward an official launch date. The Verge noted in the past that Mojang had told them that they do not expect the same level of success for this title as they had for Minecraft, so the company seems to have their expectations in check. With that said, they remain very much aware of everybody's expectations, so the pressure definitely remains as high as can be.

The game will be released in beta form on June 3rd, and it will be available on both Windows and Mac for $20. Mojang missed their initial launch date goal by about a month, but with gamers just one week away from getting their first taste, I doubt many will complain at this point; especially if it’s even half as addictive as Minecraft was for a lot of people, and still is.

Source: Mojang Via: The Verge

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