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Mogees turns any surface into a musical instrument

Highly sensitive transducers on the device allow you to turn anything into a musical instrument.


Mogees is a smart device that allows you to turn any surface into a musical instrument. The small coin-sized device features a piezo transducer that converts any vibrations detected in its vicinity into an electric signal. This signal is sent to your mobile device through cable that connects the Mogees hardware sensor to your device via the 3.5 mm audio jack. The electrical signal is processed by the Mogees software client and then turned into music. The software client is available for both iOS and Android.

Every different surface creates its own vibrations, which in turn means that it has its own sound. The transducer is sensitive enough that it registers even the minutest of sounds, but its effectiveness decreases over distance. The software client allows you to define custom gestures that are then saved into a sound preset. The software also features a “Song Mode” that lets you load MIDI files and play along to the song. Mogees is now on Kickstarter seeking funding, with the “classic” version of the sensor available for $67 (£40). The “pro’ version comes with a better hardware sensor along with access to more sound presets, and will set you back $100 (£60). Here’s a video of Mogees in action:

Source: Kickstarter


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