eden Tab

Mobile in Style, established by Kingsoft Office Software Corporation in Hong Kong, has a new 7-inch eden TAB Android tablet which is scheduled to retail in Japan this Saturday, 25 February.

Japanese consumers looking for a new 7-inch Android tablet can check out Mobile In Style's eden TAB ET-701 this weekend. The Android tablet is equipped with Samsung S5PC210 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB memory, 16GB storage, 7-inch LCD display (1280×800 WXGA resolution) and runs Google Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread OS. According to the company, update to Android 4.0 is in the works. The eden TAB differs from regular Android tablets as Google does not officially endorse it, and therefore you must install from the standalone Tapnow Market provided by the associated company, Accessport. Ad revenue from bundled content and apps are used to push the price of the tablet down.

The eden TAB ET-701 will retail in stores in Japan on 25 February at 29,800 yen (approximately US$375).

Source: watch.impress.co.jp