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Missing iWork features will be added over the next six months

Apple has finally heard complaints about the legacy features it removed in the latest iWork update. The features are going to be added back over the next six months.


Some two weeks ago Apple released the updated iWork suite for both OS X and iOS. The apps, Pages, Numbers and Keynote, have been written from the ground up. The apps have been written to bring 64-bit support and increase interoperability between iWork on OS X and iOS. Several new features have been added as well, but Apple also removed a number of features that were previously present in iWork ’09.

In a support article on its website, Apple confirms that it has heard the complaints and is going to add the features back over the next six months. One particular feature that was present in all three apps before was the ability to customize toolbars, when this feature was taken away in the latest update, users weren’t too happy. Nevertheless, the company confirms that ability to customize toolbars is going to be offered again. Meanwhile, users who had updated from the previous version of iWork can continue to use the legacy apps by launching iWork ’09 from the Applications menu.

Apple also says that it will continue to add brand new features to Pages, Numbers and Keynote on an ongoing basis. It hasn’t provided a timeframe as yet in which we can expect that first update for iWork to drop.

Source: Apple

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