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Mirror’s Edge 2 Help Page found on EA’s forums

NeoGaf user, ekim spotted this little gem earlier today to add more fuel to the fire that  Mirror’s  Edge 2 is on it’s way from EA Games.

Mirror’s Edge 2 has been teased for a long time, and while EA has said very little on anything officially, it looks as though the game will be announced next month at E3. The Help Centre Page is just a clue into the possibility of it being on the PC, but it is unsure whether the game, if released, will be multiplatform, and even if that would include next-gen consoles.


The page has since been removed from the EA.com Help Centre and EA is yet to comment on the rhyme or reason the page was put up possibly preemptively. The original 2008 game has been gaining a lot of hype recently with it being run as a test demo for early adapters to the Oculus Rift. The game was initially a sleeper hit, with publications being largely split on the parkour/first person runner title. With E3 less than a fortnight away, it would be a bad business decision to announce it now; this however could be just a trial balloon to continue teases being made. The Help Centre Page being activated is an important part of a game’s release strategy, especially with Day One release problems, but this may be stretching it.

via Polygon, NeoGAF

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