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Mini Review: Asus Pentium M Socket 478 Adaptor

Vr-Zone recieved a unit of this adaptor a few days back and explored the overclocking capabilities of the dothan on the adaptor, check out the article for more details!

The Asus Pentium M Desktop Adaptor has been very extensively discussed in forums all over the world, as Socket479 boards from AOpen and DFI were based on the Intel 855GM chipsets, thus lacking features that users might want in a desktop board, like Dual Channel Memory and Native SATA, and they did command a reasonable premium due to its exotic nature, therefore it wasn’t that well-recieved by consumers worldwide.

Keeping all these issues in view, Asus ingeniously engineered a solution to enable consumers to place the Pentium M processors onto their desktop boards, and here’s the Asus CT479!

First look at the product, the box.

What’s included in the package, an Asus heatsink, power connector, manual and the adaptor itself.

The adaptor itself…

the underside of the adaptor

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