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Millet Phone sells big on first day

Xiaomi released the Millet Phone 1S this week and reported 350,000 sales in 4 minutes.  

The Xiaomi (Tsiao-mee) Millet Phone 1S Standard Edition, a smartphone available for the first time on October 23, allegedly sold 300,000 units in four minutes and 15 seconds in mainland China.  The 1S Youth version, which has less processing power, sold 50,000 units in the same amount of time.   Xiaomi has announced that it will drop the 1S Standard Edition's price from 1499 yuan to 1299 yuan to maintain momentum in sales.  Analysts have said that this price drop will let the Millet Phone slaughter the market.

The day before the release, Securities Times Online reported Xiaomi only had 450,000 units of the 1S Standard Edition.  Whether or not this is true, some bloggers criticized Xiaomi of preparing fewer phones so as to limit the number of orders.  

Others have criticized the Millet Phones for their low processing power, which may be the cause of frequent crashes and lower quality images, but Xiaomi says that the low processing power helps Xiaomi to maintain viability in the competitive smartphone market.  The company chose the name "Xiaomi," which roughly translates to "millet" and literally translates to "little rice," because rice is one of the most basic forms of sustenance.  The Millet Phone is meant to have all the qualities of a smartphone that gets a person through daily life, without any superfluous functions.  

Xiaomi has already announced that it is planning a Millet Phone 2S and will announce specifics on October 26.

Source: chinatimes.com

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