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Microsoft’s Corporate VP outlines more policies for XBone

Microsoft Xbox One

Microsoft continues to outline the future of the Xbox One, authentication and international launches

Microsoft have been trying to make the best of a terrible situation while sitting on the world’s stage. Phil Spencer, Microsoft  Studios Corporate Vice President was ready to discuss the future of Microsoft in terms of the Xbox One in an interview with GameInformer. Spencer was excited about their new games like Ryse, which use the Kinect in “interesting ways” but were definitely aware of the competition on the E3 floor.

When asked about Sony, Spencer said, “we have more than one competitor. When you think about where they play games today, they play on a lot of different devices. I think it’s wrong to think that the universe only consists of two things.”  Spencer referring to the great shift video games have had in the past few years from being strictly played in homes to almost everywhere. Microsoft have definitely already tried to capitalise on this with their expansion into the tablet market with Microsoft Surface.


Speaking of homes, Spencer was asked about the online authentications which Spencer assures Xbox One authentication will be small data packets.  The “license refresh” would send “kilobytes, not megabytes”, to authorize your system and you can even “set your console to always have the latest bits in a standby state.”  However, he also mirrored the words of Don Mattrick from only a few days ago, stating, “if you have no ability to connect to the Internet, the Xbox One is not the console for you.” When asked about the viral quote, Spencer assured that Mattrick was a veteran who knew what he was doing. “I know Don. He’s been in his industry for decades… He does care about the gamers.”

While Spencer was cagey about disclosing various Xbox One features, such as pricing on Xbox One launch titles, but did note that the reason for the slow roll out in different countries was because of Microsoft’s Kinect. The international delay was due to the device needs to be prepared to detect different languages and accents to function properly, but Spencer assures that Microsoft want to “make sure the [Xbox One] is fully functional at launch.” Spencer even says that Microsoft are already thinking ahead and says that future generations will not be left in the cold when it’s time to upgrade to the next Microsoft console.

via GameInformer

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