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Microsoft Xbox 720 may hit retail before Sony PlayStation 4

In what appears to be a game of cat and mouse between Sony and Microsoft, Sony’s CEO Kaz Hirai is hinting that Microsoft’s Xbox 720 will hit the shelves first with the PlayStation 4 following thereafter.

(Sony CEO Kaz Hirai. Image: AFP/Getty Images)

“Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?” Hirai said in an interview with The Times.

Sony took a similar path when it launched the PS3 nearly a year after Microsoft unleashed its Xbox 360.  It took Sony years to overtake Microsoft in units sold, but eventually the PS3 out-shipped the Xbox 360 by about a million by 2013.  Not only that, but the Japanese console maker didn’t actually break even with its PS3 investment until years later.

Both Microsoft and Sony have a strong following, and, like siblings from the same litter, the two firms are also currently struggling to keep up with a booming mobile and cloud gaming market.

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