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Microsoft Windows 8 to come with backup feature similar to OS X’s Time Machine?

When it comes to restoring one's PC to an earlier state, there are usually two main methods of going about it, with each method being specific to the kind of operating system being used on the machine. However, leave it to Microsoft to improve on its restoration solutions for the upcoming Windows 8: rumour has it that the Redmond giant is planning to take system restoration to a more user friendly level…by making it similar to Apple's Time Machine.

Once in a while, we get so carried away with our PCs that we accidently do something to it that necessitates a complete system restoration, either to an earlier restore point or to a completely clean factory image. And for the most part, there are usually two known methods for doing so, each specific to the user's operating system. Windows users will undoubtedly be aware of the OS's built-in System Restore feature, while OS X users will swear by Time Machine.

While most people will be quite hard pressed to deny that Windows' System Restore function is usually capable of fufilling its intended tasks, the same cannot be said about its usability. After all, System Restore does not have its own dedicated user interface to make backups and restoration easier; as such, non tech-savvy users are more inclined to ignore the feature altogether rather than spend time learning how to master it. And it is this situation which Microsoft is seemingly aiming to nip with the new Windows 8, for the rumour mill has churned out news that the upcoming version of Windows will sport a backup and restoration feature similar to that of OS X's Time Machine.

Of course, with the information about the new Time Machine-esque feature being nothing more than a rumour right now, there are virtually no details about what this feature will be named in the final build of Windows 8. However, ITmedia is speculating that the new feature will allow for the automatic backup of a user's content on a regular basis, as such, this will allow for the restoration of both the system state and the user's personal content, of which the latter is not available in the typical System Restore feature.

In other news, Microsoft has reportedly started offering test versions of Windows 8 to developers, but adventurous users would do well to avoid downloading these builds due to the fact that these copies can only be activated with a single-use code. In theory, this measure will prevent such test builds from leaking onto BitTorrent, as most downloaders will be unable to activate the operating system.

Last but definitely not least, leaked screenshots of the test builds of Windows 8 have already surfaced online, courtesy of Russian website Winreview.ru:

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