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Microsoft will Fix your Vista or XP problems, offline

All you have to do is to download the new Microsoft Fix It from the company’s servers, and it’ll offer to scan and fix for the most common type of errors found in Windows.

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For those of you who have been baffled with various Windows errors but are unable to get a working internet connection up to ask your more IT-savvy pals for help, fret not, because Microsoft has come out with a new software that it claims is capable of automatically diagnosing and fixing some of the most common errors Windows users might run into.

Known as Microsoft Fix It, the application is available for free at Microsoft’s own servers, and is said to be targeted at the older Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. Windows 7 is also supported, but PC World has noted that it is unlikely for a Windows 7 to make use of this application as the OS already comes with built-in diagnostics which are accessible in Control Panel.

However, the biggest draw of Microsoft Fix it Center has to be its ability to automatically recognize the most common errors found in a Windows installation and fix them without the need to go online and find out specific details about the problem through Microsoft’s servers. Not only does this allow for much faster troubleshooting, it also saves the user from the hassle of having to Google or Bing though a huge list of potential fixes for similar errors, especially if the user has no immediate access to the internet.

Considering that Microsoft also released its own Security Essentials some time back to much fanfare with many users praising it for doing a good job in securing a user’s PC, it does seem that Microsoft is now truly committed to improving the user experience with Windows.

Microsoft Fix it Center is currently beta software, so the usual disclaimers apply: it may be stable enough for everyday use, but bugs are likely to exist, and if you are adventurous enough to give it a go, be sure to back up your important data before doing so.

The download link for Microsoft Fix It is available here.

Source: Windows Fix it Center Online via PC World

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