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Microsoft wants your help to kill Internet Explorer 6

Does anyone remember how big of a deal it was when Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 6 with Windows XP back then? Well, with the browser now in its tenth year of service, Microsoft is only too keen to keep people out of that ancient excuse of a web browser and push its newer, more polished versions of Internet Explorer to consumers. Here's the caveat: it needs your help…sort of.

When Windows XP was first released, it brought with it a browser that many considered was fairly up-to-date and standards-compliant for its time. Yes, Internet Explorer 6 in its heyday brought many improvements over its predecessor, such as improved support for CSS, DHTML, inline frames and integration with its MSN Messenger. In fact, so popular was IE6 that it was able to achieve a market share of 90% during the XP days.

Unfortunately, it is clear IE6 is no longer capable of meeting the needs of today's Internet users, thanks to issues such as security holes and near non-existent support for modern web standards. As a result, Microsoft has started a little campaign in the hopes of getting tech-savvy users to discourage the use of the ancient browser among their circle of friends. Internet, meet the IE6 Countdown webpage.

Microsoft's goal is simple enough: to lower the existing market share od IE6 down to an almost non-existant 1%. And to achieve that, it needs the help of the Internet community to spread the message that IE6 is an antique browser that should not be used anymore due to its lack of support for modern web standards. Users who wish to join Microsoft in its noble cause can follow the instructions available on the website to help make the Internet a better place.

And just so you know, 4.4% of Singapore's online community still makes use of IE6. If you know of any friends who are still on that relic of a web browser, let's just say that Microsoft has presented you with your chance to do your good deed for the day. If  you need a little help in getting your message across the not-so-IT-savvy peers, perhaps this little comic might be of assistance.

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Source: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Countdown

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