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Microsoft To Release Windows 8 By 2012?

Yep, you heard that right. If everything goes according to Microsoft’s plans, the next version of Windows (currently dubbed as Windows 8 by most people) should be released to be the market for retail by 2012. And according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, the next version of Windows is going to be the company’s ‘most risky product’ yet.

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With Windows 7 being a runaway success for Microsoft, users cannot help but wonder when Microsoft will release the next version of its popular Windows operating system. That, along with the fact that Microsoft has kept its plans and development of Windows 8 under a tight veil of secrecy means that speculation is rife about the kind of new features Redmond might have in store for the upcoming version of Windows.

And while we cannot answer the question about the features Microsoft plans to load into Windows 8, it seems that a certain leaked roadmap from Microsoft Netherlands has given us some insight to the upcoming OS’s release date. Engadget had somehow managed to obtain a screenshot of some text which purportedly contains information of an impending Windows release, as shown below:

Engadget claims that running the aforementioned text through a machine translation revealed some interesting information. Apparently, Microsoft Netherlands claims that the company is on course for the next release of Windows, and that it will take about two years before ‘Windows 8’ is released to the market. That puts the OS’s release date some time in late 2012, which would make sense if Microsoft intends to release ‘Windows 8’ just in time for the holiday spending spree.

Of course, that still leaves the other question about Microsoft’s intentions for ‘Windows 8’ unasnwered. And considering that Microsoft is determined to keep its mouth sealed for the time being about about anything that might be remotely related to its upcoming version of Windows, it seems that we can only wait and see what Microsoft has in mind for its ‘riskiest product release’.

Source: Engadget

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