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Microsoft teases IFA product announcement as Nokia Lumia 830 specs surface

Next month’s IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin is shaping up to be quite plentiful in mobile device announcements, with Samsung, Sony, Huawei and now Microsoft confirmed to bring new gear in the capital of Germany.

Microsoft IFA

While the remainder of the old, mighty Nokia is cooking up an unexpected comeback to the hardware-making industry, the freshly formed Microsoft Mobile continues to explore various ways of gaining precious market share.

For a while, the low-end sector, where Lumias are actually relevant, will likely be ignored, and so will the high-end niche, where it’s just too difficult to get noticed. That leaves the mid-range segment wide open to the offensive, and rumor is a pair of semi-affordable new Lumias shall go for glory in a matter of weeks.

First, there’s the selfie-centric Lumia 730, aka Superman, which we think Microsoft may have just confirmed for a pre-IFA debut. Seemingly cryptic invitations for a press event in Berlin on September 4 have been sent to numerous media outlets in the past 24 hours, featuring no obvious hints vis-à-vis the identity of the gathering’s main star.

Except for a neatly styled “o” in “more” from “ready for more”, which kinda sorta looks like a camera lens. Beneath it, the message “join us for more face time” could also be interpreted as a clue in regards to a smartphone with a bitching front-facing shooter, although we probably should show caution and try not to excessively read between the lines.

That said, it’s entirely possible a different handheld, the Lumia 830, will make its debut at IFA 2014, with a focus on the rear cam. Allegedly caught on camera by TK Tech News, and soon to be detailed further, the upper mid-ranger packs a 20.1 MP PureView snapper. Also, a 4.5-inch 720p display and SD card support.

Headed for Verizon first and foremost, the photographic champion should spread its wings internationally sooner or later, especially if Microsoft plans to unveil it in Berlin. As the names suggest, the Lumia 830 is likely superior to the 730 in a few departments, though odds are both will sport 4.5-inch HD screens. And 5 MP front cams. And Windows Phone 8.1 on the software side of things.

Sources: Pocket Now, TK Tech News

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