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Microsoft SideWinder Laser Mouse – Advanced Rodent on the loose

Microsoft is back into the HID market with a gamer-oriented HID. The SideWinder won’t be put away at the side, or wound up and dumped anytime soon.

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Microsoft is expanding their line of gaming peripherals, and breathing new life into the range with a new-kid-in-town: the Microsoft SideWinder Mouse. The SideWinder range consists of joysticks, gamepads and other HID designed for gamers, stretching near a decade of history.

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Today, we get to look at this latest offering in the SideWinder range that promises to inject some vitality into the jaded trademark. Today’s wired rodent comes equipped with a built-in LCD screen that is used to display the DPI settings used, as well as macro-recording icons. This makes it the world’s first commercial mouse equipped with an LCD. (Here is the non-commercial one for the adventurous.) Other features include a 2000DPI laser sensor, 3-button on-the-fly DPI switching, and 5 programmable buttons out of the 10 on the mouse.


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The SideWinder package comes with no less than 4 weights, 1 of which is 5 grams and the remaining 3 are all 10 grams each. Also, the SideWinder comes with extra swappable feet. Teflon, Teflon-mix and non-teflon, it’s all in the pack. Different feet will give rise to different styles of glide and hence affects the feel of the mouse. The SideWinder definitely has an edge over its competitors when it comes to customization. All the battleware comes in a relatively heavy and sturdy box, which doubles as a cable manager/anchor thanks to the cable exit provided on the box.

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