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Microsoft says no reporters allowed at upcoming financial meeting

Reporters are “not invited” to a meeting in September where Microsoft will lay out its financial future and instead must watch a live stream of the event.


Analysts’ days and financial future meetings hosted by technology companies are an important resource for investors and the press. These are times where executives, analysts and the press get to have a frank conversation about the company’s future without the spin doctoring PR troops massaging the message.

It was at AMD’s analyst day in early 2012 that the company dropped its first hints of pushing for the gaming console market — efforts that culminated in AMD IP’s powering the next-generation of game consoles —  and becoming less “religious” with architecture adherence, which culminated with the introduction of the HSA foundation and a smattering of ARM offerings from AMD.

There are nothing but benefits that come from being transparent and honest with investors and the press.

This year Microsoft will not be allowing the same level of transparency and disclosure.

Granted, the meeting won’t be a closed door affair entirely: it will still be available via webcast, but these events are tightly choreographed so everyone involved sticks to the script.

Now more than ever Microsoft needs to be transparent with analysts and the press. The company has a CEO that announced his departure unexpectedly — perhaps pushed out by the board — and it faces a class action lawsuit from shareholders over allegations that it misrepresented the success of the Surface.

Cowering behind a live stream isn’t what the company should be doing right now. It should embrace the press and welcome questions so it can clear up misconceptions and rumors with the truth.

Source: All Things D

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