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Microsoft says no to Halo branded bullets

Microsoft definitely isn't averse to marketing any of its products as we have seen with the popularity of the Surface and Windows Phones on a number of CBS televisions shows like Hawaii Five-0. Heck, you can even see in the ending credits of the shows that Microsoft helped sponsor them, but it would seem that even Microsoft has its limits when it comes to marketing.

As much as Microsoft might love to get its products in front of people using things like television shows there comes a point when a company has to draw a line in the sand about what is acceptable when it comes to marketing.

Such was the case recently when Microsoft discovered that an ammunition company was making Halo-branded bullets without permission from Microsoft. These Halo-branded bullets were first discovered on the show called "Dual Survival" on the Discovery channel by an avid gamer who noticed the distinct Halo font and logo on the boxes of ammunition.

Branded as Halo-Point, an obvious play on the "hollow point" type of bullets, they are manufactured by a US ammunition company named Liberty Ammunition. Even though the company produces ammunition primarily for military use, these "Halo-Point" bullets are obviously being marketed to the general public.

Once Microsoft found out about the bullets they made it quite clear that they had nothing to do with the product, and that the logo and Halo font was being used without permission. In a statement to the Kotaku blog Microsoft had this to say:

Microsoft does not have a licensing agreement with Liberty Ammunition, or any gun or weapons manufacturer, and the company does not have permission to use "Halo" branding on any of its products. When we discovered the unauthorized use last fall, Microsoft contacted Liberty Ammunition to demand removal of all "Halo" branding from its products and advertising, to which Liberty Ammunition agreed. Microsoft is following up again to ensure full compliance.

While there has been no statement from Liberty Ammunition over the matter, something must have been said to them as any reference to the "Halo-Point" bullets has been removed from their website.

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