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Microsoft rumored to change update process with GDR2

It has been revealed that the next update of Windows Phone 8 will change the update process. We cannot be sure right now whether the update process will become better or worse.


Updating Windows Phone devices have always been a difficult task compared to Android and iOS devices. A new rumor suggests that Microsoft is planning to change the update process from the release of the GDR2 update that is expected to be released in July.

The folks over at WPDang reports that starting from GDR2, Microsoft will provide the update to their OEM manufacturers. Later, the manufacturers will make changes to the software, add their own updates, and customizations which will then be pushed to the customers. For example, Microsoft will push the update to HTC and then, it’s up to them when they want to release the update for its users. This leaves Windows Phone owners dependant on the manufacturers for the release of the updates.

For those of you who don’t know, before GDR2, the Redmond giant controlled the entire update process, ranging from bundling firmware from all the manufacturers until it’s pushed to the customer. The whole process was time consuming and customers had to wait before they can update their devices to the latest firmware.

The problem might arise for those manufacturers who invested less in Windows Phone such as Samsung. I doubt they will give preference to releasing Windows Phone updates as they have a huge user base for their Android devices. This might be something good for a manufacturer such as Nokia who has invested heavily on the Windows Phone devices.

We can only be sure about the original update process once GDR2 is launched. Now, more responsibility is on the manufacturers to push the updates to their devices on time. If they manage to get the device update as soon as it is released, there are chances that Windows Phone will move up the ladder and may be able to compete with iOS and Android.

Source: WPCentral

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