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Microsoft rumored to bolster Xbox One campaign by including free game with every console


In preparation for Europe’s premiere gaming convention in Cologne, Germany–none other than Gamescom–the next-gen war continues as Sony and Microsoft put the finishing touches on their battle plans.

While Sony has led a stalwart campaign with the PlayStation 4, Microsoft is looking to one-up the Japanese gaming titan and even out the playing field–and according to a new rumor, they’re going on the offensive by including a full-fledged retail game with every Xbox One.

The title itself hasn’t been officially revealed, however CVG reports that Microsoft has signed a deal with a third-party to include a “major release” with the Xbox One, and that the game will be a “unique Xbox One exclusive”.

This deal potentially allows the company to provide more value to the console without having to lower the retail cost–but will it be a successful venture?


Whether or not Microsoft’s tactic will work depends wholly upon the game in question, and whether or not it’s a triple-A blockbuster or a mediocre release. If the Redmond-based tech giant has squared away a deal with a big-name franchise, the strategy may very well prove to be fruitful.

To date, Microsoft has spent quite a pretty penny on Xbox One exclusives (and has even more set aside), and this deal (depending on the prestige of the IP) cost them even more. Microsoft has already attained highly acclaimed IP’s like Titanfall, RYSE: Son of Rome and Forza 5 as exclusives, however they are looking to bolster the $499 retail price tag by tossing in another game.

One thing’s for sure: Microsoft is intent on locking horns with their rival and they are willing to outright change their policies to get dominion on the market.


So far the company has done many u-turns on various policies regarding the Xbox One: from abolishing the online-only requirement to the recent announcement that the console no longer requires the Kinect to function. If things go badly with this new announcement, they might continue this trend until their strategies prove fruitful.

It also appears that the announcement is part of Microsoft’s arsenal at Gamescom, and that Phil Spencer will be revealing it during the company’s official Gamescom conference which begins at 2:00 AM PDT.

For their Gamescom conference, Microsoft has opted out of a live-stream option but we’ll be sure to keep you updated with more information as it comes to light.


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