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Microsoft launches new Bing apps for Windows Phone, Nokia adds text and call blocking

It’s a busy day for Windows Phone users, as Microsoft has rolled out four new Bing apps for the OS, while Nokia is pushing out an update to add call and text blocking to Lumia devices. 


Taking a break from releasing apps for competing platforms, Microsoft is turning its attention to its own platform and has launched Bing News, Finance, Sports, and Weather apps for Windows Phone, all four of which were made available on Windows 8 last October.

Each app comes with the beautiful Metro (er, Modern) user interface, along with Live Tile integration. Also, this is the first time real parallels between the desktop and mobile Windows 8 are being seen as Microsoft looks to offer a similar experience to users of its products, and hopefully this will give third-party developers some inspiration to make similar apps for both desktop and mobile versions of the OS.


Meanwhile, Nokia is rolling out an update to its Extras + Info app to add support for call and text blocking. A live tile is included to indicate how many SMS and calls have been blocked in total, though there’s no option to selectively block calls or text for a particular number, meaning you’ll have to completely block a number when needed.


Nokia has made use of the APIs Microsoft built into the GDR2 update (which other OEMs and carriers are free to use to offer similar functionality), which means users will also need their Lumia to be running the GDR2 software. That means most Lumia owners will be unable to use the functionality for now, as GDR2 is yet to roll out to most users.

Via: The Verge | Source: Windows Phone Blog

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