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Microsoft rolling out ‘SmartGlass’, cross-device entertainment application

Microsoft will be rolling out 'SmartGlass' this week, a multi-platform application to unify Xbox entertainment among various devices. The service will also help to perpetuate Xbox services to those who do not possess an Xbox console.

Microsoft will be rolling out 'SmartGlass' this week, a multi-platform application to unify Xbox entertainment among various devices.

SmartGlass is yet another example of the nebulous computing experience that has been made possible by the internet and so-called "post PC" electronics. When users have smartphones, tablets, computers and game consoles, it's easy to get disorganized – especially when it comes to entertainment. It isn't fun or simple to manually transfer six gigabytes of music or video from a laptop to a phone to a tablet, or any other way around.

But many efforts exist to help weed out this dilemma, and now Microsoft is taking a shot at it with SmartGlass. Announced in June and to be launched this week, the service will unify Xbox online services among various devices with an application that will be available on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Google and iOS devices. Movies, TV shows, music, and games will be able to synchronize and stream through the service.

A user who begins to watch a movie on his tablet will, for example, be able to send the movie to his Xbox connected television. The Xbox will automatically pick up where the user left off, and the tablet will serve as a remote and secondary screen, which can be used to start at different points in the film, or to view information about actors currently on screen.

With Internet Explorer for Xbox, users will also be able to send a browsing session from their Windows phone to the console, and then to a tablet as well. Thus, a unified cross-device, cross-platform browsing experience becomes possible with SmartGlass – albeit, the infamy of Internet Explorer might cause some reluctance to adopt this feature.

In these ways, and many others, it seems that SmartGlass will be a neat way to organize and share entertainment among computing devices. But, it is clearly a Windows based service, and therefore a smart way to perpetuate Xbox services to users that do not have an Xbox console.

Thanks to the launch of the SmartGlass, Microsoft "will rapidly accelerate the reach of Xbox entertainment from more than 67 million consoles to literally hundreds of millions of devices worldwide," wrote Microsoft's chief marketing officer for its Interactive Entertainment Division, Yusuf Mehdi, in an official blog post. "Also this week, we will take our biggest step ever to increase our global reach, extending Xbox entertainment experiences to 222 countries from 35."

Source: The Seattle Times

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