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Microsoft Reverses SP1 Requirement For Internet Explorer 9

Barely a week ago, we posted an update about Internet Explorer 9 requiring the presence of Windows 7 Service Pack 1 before it can be installed into a PC. And now, it seems that Microsoft has reversed its stand: this time, there will be no need for SP1 to be pre-installed. Users, however, will still need to load a few hotfixes before installing the browser.

To SP1, or not to SP1? That was the question IT professionals had to face when considering an upgrade to Microsoft’s upcoming Internet Explorer 9 web browser. Previously, Microsoft had posted in its TechNet webpage that the browser will require SP 1 for Windows 7 to be installed before the browser can be loaded, as shown below:

However, it seems that Microsoft has since reversed its stance of having SP1 as a pre-requisite. Visiting the same Technet page for Internet Explorer 9 reveals that the web browser, when launched, can now be installed on both RTM and SP1-upgraded versions of Windows 7.

Of course, this sudden change of stance of Microsoft’s part does raise some eyebrows. At least, on our part, we believe that Microsoft had chosen to remove the SP1 requirement to ensure that businesses and end-users who do not upgrade to the latest service pack do not get left out of browser updates. That, or it could also be trying to avoid a potential situation where the browser gets released before the actual Service Pack does, essentially rendering the software unusable on all copies of Windows 7.

But that is just speculation on our part. Nevertheless, the removal of SP1 as a pre-requisite will certainly remove a potential road block in the way of browser updates from Microsoft.

Source: Microsoft TechNet

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