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Microsoft reveals Windows Phone is lacking in apps

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 is lacking in the app department, falling well behind iOS and Android devices with just 145,000 apps.

The Windows Phone 8 doesn’t have a lot of apps and that’s one of its biggest drawbacks. Some developers are choosing not to port their apps to the Windows Phone alongside iOS and Android releases because it has an inferior market share, leaving Microsoft in a catch-22, where the problem propagates itself. In October of last year, when iOS devices had 750,000 apps and Android not far behind, the Windows Phone store was stuck with just 120,000.

It's odd how 145,000 can be considered a low number


With the announcement of the Nokia Lumia 928, Microsoft has sprinkled in an update to that figure: It now has 145,000 apps, still far behind the competition. Another concern is that the Windows Phone marketplace doubled its apps in the first half of 2012 to 100,000. This means that not only is Microsoft behind in sheer numbers; the growth is stagnating too. Between November of 2011 and October of 2012, the Windows Phone marketplace gained 7,300 apps every month, but today that number is down to 2,800.


Microsoft has tried to combat the low app count by enticing big names like Hulu and YouTube to provide apps, and have even resorted to giving cash bonuses for those willing to bring apps to their devices. Of course, one has to remember that no user will ever have 145,000 apps on their phone. Perhaps, if the apps are of held at a good standard, the problem isn’t quite as big as the numbers would suggest.

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