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Microsoft reveals “Where’s the ‘Any’ key” website

Do you like reading about various tech-support nightmares and classic ‘IT-fail’ stories experienced by others? If so, you’re in luck: Microsoft has a new website specially created to house such stories, along with some comic-strip goodness.

Read on to find out more.

Reading stories about other people’s mishaps can be fun, but there are some who often take it the wrong way and see it as an insult or a slight on their perceived incompetence. However, it seems that Microsoft’s intention with its recently launched “Where’s the ‘Any’ key” is anything but malicious, and might actually serve as a good (occasional) distraction and laugh

Besides serving as a collection of various humourous IT mishaps contributed by the public, the website also has competitions in which the lucky winners can walk home with a Sony VAIO X, cash prizes for use in the Microsoft store (we’re guessing that it’s only usable in the UK) and a comic strip created out of the winning entry. 

Of course, not being in that part of the world automatically disqualifies most of us from winning any prizes, but at the least, the contest hosted there is sure to lighten up an otherwise dull and boring day in the office.

You can visit the “Where’s the ‘Any’ key’ website at www.wherestheanykey.co.uk

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