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Microsoft releasing fix for botched Surface Pro 2 update on January 14th?

Microsoft might release a firmware update for the Surface Pro 2 on January 14th, to fix the issues caused by an update pushed to the tablet in December.


December 10th saw Microsoft releasing an update for the Surface Pro 2 that failed to install for many users, while presenting issues like poor battery life on systems that did make it through the update process. Microsoft later pulled the update from circulation and promised to work on a fix during the holidays, and now, according to an owner of Microsoft’s new Windows 8.1 tablet, the fixed firmware will begin rolling out on January 14th.

Details on the mid-January rollout come courtesy of Microsoft support, who also downplayed the impact of the botched firmware update, claiming only 3 in 1000 devices were affected. A post from the user who received the information states:

Just got off a call with Surface support team and they confirmed that the new firmware will be released January 14th. Interesting the support team have been told by Microsoft that the botched December firmware only affected 3 in 1000 devices, needless to say I nearly fell off my chair when they said that!

However, considering the fact that Microsoft has chosen its usual Patch Tuesday schedule for the fixed update, it’s possible the problematic update really did affect only a small number of devices. But even then, let’s hope Microsoft manages to push the fix to users as soon as possible, preferably before many of those affected users find out that their Surface Pro 2 is now a tad outdated.

SourceMicrosoft Support

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