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Microsoft Releases Beta Windows Phone 7 Connector Application For OS X

Remember how Microsoft raised some eyebrows when the company announced its plans to push out a Mac-compatible syncing client barely two weeks ago? It seems that the good guys over at Redmond were really serious about it, having released a beta for Windows Phone 7 Connector for OS X merely two weeks after the announcement. Now that is what we call efficiency.

Will a Mac user ever purchase a smartphone loaded with Windows Phone 7? That is a question to which we really have no answer for. But as far as Microsoft is concerned, it apparently does not matter. After all, the company is keen on getting its new smartphone OS out to as many people as possible, and it appears that Microsoft has realized that one of the ways of doing so is to ensure that its mobile OS plays nice on most platforms, even if it happens to be a competitor’s OS.

To that end, Microsoft had promised Mac users that an application for syncing a Windows Phone 7 handset will be made available to them later this year. That was great and all, but apparently Microsoft is not about to take its time with developing said application while the public’s reception to its mobile OS is still positive.

And as it turned out, they did not. In fact, Microsoft moved so fast, a beta of the promised application was released for public download merely two short weeks after their initial announcement. This effectively ensures that Windows Phone 7 will be compatible with OS X even before OEMs are ready to launch their handsets loaded with Microsoft’s mobile OS. Now that is some serious efficiency we are talking about, especially from a company like Microsoft.

Of course, the fact that the Windows Phone 7 Connector application for OS X is still a beta means that there are probably more than a few rough edges Microsoft has to sort out prior to a final release. However, if you’re willing to overlook those issues, the Windows Phone 7 Connector will be your solution for syncing “music, photos, videos and podcasts from your existing iTunes and iPhoto libraries to your Windows Phone 7”.

Last but not least, the usual warning with beta software applies: back up any data in your Windows Phone 7 smartphone (even if there is none) before attempting to sync it to OS X. Screaming your lungs out, tearing at your hair and dealing with data loss are definitely not fun, unless that was your intention to begin with.

The beta Windows Phone 7 Connector software for OS X can be downloaded here. Note that the application requires at least OS X 10.5 Leopard to be installed.

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